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Archie's War (13:39) Tim Tingle Lou Gehrig (58:28) Carol Birch
The Beauty & the Melamed (11:14) Susan Stone Lucy Stone (09:06) Judith Black
The Blanket and the Bowl (China) (06:11) Donna Washington Maude (13:58) Catherine Conant
Body Hair (10:35) Patricia Hruby Powell Max (10:53) Jay O'Callahan
Boston Gardens (12:36) Peggy Melanson Mexican Pet (spooky) (06:17) Voices of Illusion
The Boston Tea Party (10:30) Kate Carney Mosquitoes (07:50) Gayle Ross
Boy & Angel's First Date (10:23) Buck P. Creacy My Sister, the Cat Lady (06:56) A.J. Mungo
Bump in the Rug (spooky) (06:25) Voices of Illusion Needles, the Adirondack Porcupine (07:36) Fran Yardley
Caterina the Wise (07:32) Norah Dooley Old Dry Fry (08:14) Mike Lockett
Civil War Angel: A True Story (29:44) Megan Hicks A Portrait of Peace (01:48) Angela Davis
Coffee Shop Madness (06:23) Bruce Walker Rabbit Tricks Buzzard (Native American) (05:45) Gayle Ross
A Different Cinderella (05:04) Ed Stivender Rabbit Visits Old Flint (Native American) (06:51) Gayle Ross
Don't Lose Your Beat! (04:15) Robbi Kumalo The Seed (05:43) Donna Jacobs Sife
Farmer and the Pig (07:52) Kevin Cordi Sensitive (spooky) (11:53) Jeff Gere
Filene's Basement (09:28) Tom McCabe Sir Gawain and Lady Ragnell (09:22) Ed Stivender
The Fisherman (& his Wife) (04:58) Megan Hicks The Stonecutter (08:36) Eva Grayzel
The Girl Who Married the Moon (Native American) (09:01) Gayle Ross Stubborn Husband - Stubborn Wife (17:23) Cathy Kaemmerlen
Gates of Hell (37:04) Peggy Melanson The Teacher (07:54) Peggy Melanson
Groundhog Godmother (09:28) Megan Hicks Three Hens (02:36) Norah Dooley
Groundhoglocks & the Three Bears (10:42) Megan Hicks Three-Penny Momma (16:20) Buck P. Creacy
Gumba Jack (spooky) (15:29) Chetter Galloway Three Steps (04:07) Pam Holcomb
Hidden Treasure (07:03) Regi Carpenter Ulster Jack (06:54) Ed Stivender
The Hunchback Brothers (08:26) Noa Baum Uncle Willard's Cat Fish (06:50) Charles Kiernan
The Ice Woman (13:19) Donna Washington Watch Dog (spooky) (14:41) Pam Holcomb
Improvised Rapunzel (09:07) Ed Stivender    
Jack and the Magic Boat (17:17) Ed Stivender    
Janet and Tamlin (07:16) Heather Forest    
The Leash (08:06) Peggy Melanson    
Letter Home (spooky) (03:25) Voices of Illusion    
The Lion's Minister of State (07:19) Mike Lockett    
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